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Suga, Biden confirm strengthening bilateral ties

newsonjapan.com - 0 sec ago
Japanese Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide and US President Joe Biden have wrapped up summit talks at the White House on Friday. (NHK)
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Japan bets on hydrogen to lift its ambitious carbon-neutral plans

newsonjapan.com - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 07:00
NAMIE, Japan — Japan has ambitious plans to be entirely carbon-neutral by 2050. Trouble is: It has no clear vision of how to get there. (washingtonpost.com)
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ABANDONED: Japan's 'ghost island' | Hashima Island

newsonjapan.com - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 06:57
Japan’s Hashima Island was once the most densely populated island in the world. Now, it's a ghost of its former past. (7NEWS Spotlight)
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Top 5 Nikko

newsonjapan.com - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 06:55
Nikko is a town at the entrance of Nikko National Park, most famous for Toshogu, Japan's most heavily decorated shrine, and Tokugawa Ieyasu's mausoleum. The area boasts many historical and natural highlights. (japan-guide.com)
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Tritium mascot design to be changed

newsonjapan.com - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 06:45
Japan's Reconstruction Agency says it is changing the design of a mascot character created to reassure people about radioactive tritium in water to be released from the Fukushima nuclear power plant. (NHK)
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Japan golf industry looks to cash in on Matsuyama's Masters win

newsonjapan.com - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 06:37
Hideki Matsuyama made golf history on April 11, becoming the first Japanese to win a men's major and unleashing a frenzy by the country's golf industry eager to cash in on his success. (Nikkei)
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4 die in fire suppression system accident in Tokyo parking garage

newsonjapan.com - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 02:36
Four building maintenance workers were killed Thursday in a basement parking garage in Tokyo as a fire suppression system was unintentionally activated, trapping them in an enclosed space with high levels of carbon dioxide, police and firefighters said. (Kyodo)
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Tokyo-area prefectures and Aichi to get stricter virus steps Tuesday

newsonjapan.com - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 02:34
The Japanese government will add three prefectures neighboring Tokyo to the list of areas in need of stricter measures to curb a rebound in coronavirus infections, officials said Thursday. (Japan Times)
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Japan passport most powerful in 2021

newsonjapan.com - Thu, 04/15/2021 - 16:06
While international travel is still restricted in a bid to control the pandemic, the index of the world’s most powerful passports has been released. (dlmag.com)
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Japan banks face volatility, default risks offshore in hunt for higher returns

newsonjapan.com - Thu, 04/15/2021 - 16:05
As returns-hungry Japanese banks may lend or invest even more abroad after a record year of 2020, the lenders face rising risk of defaults and market volatility in their growing overseas operations, analysts warn. (spglobal.com)
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Japan tourism teams up with Sumo star for #GoodnessofJapan

newsonjapan.com - Thu, 04/15/2021 - 16:04
Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) has recently collaborated with Japanese Sumo wrestler Yoshinori Tashiro to further widen the scope and reach of the #GoodnessofJapan campaign. (businesstraveller.com)
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Japanese firm develops world’s first foldable disposable paper razor

newsonjapan.com - Thu, 04/15/2021 - 16:02
Japanese Kaijurishi was founded in 1908 in the town of Seki, Gifu Prefecture, which is famous for its rich tradition and history of samurai sword making, as well as its state-of-the-art Japanese cutlery. So it makes sense that they've built their name as a leading manufacturer of shaving products in Japan. (Japan Today)
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Tokyo reports 729 new cases of coronavirus

newsonjapan.com - Thu, 04/15/2021 - 15:40
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government says it confirmed 729 new cases of the coronavirus in the capital on Thursday. (NHK)
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Coca-Cola starts drink subscription service in Japan

newsonjapan.com - Thu, 04/15/2021 - 08:44
A new subscription service is now available for vending machines in Japan. (newsonjapan.com)
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South Korea aims to fight Japan's plan to release water from Fukushima nuclear plant at tribunal

newsonjapan.com - Thu, 04/15/2021 - 07:34
South Korea is stepping up opposition to Japan's decision to release treated water from the Fukushima nuclear plant. (CNA)
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Japan unveils Olympic mascots

newsonjapan.com - Thu, 04/15/2021 - 07:28
The Tokyo Olympic mascots make their debut with 100 days to go until the Games begin (Reuters)
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ANA to start drone delivery service as Japan eases regulations

newsonjapan.com - Thu, 04/15/2021 - 07:13
Japanese airline group ANA Holdings will launch a drone delivery service in the fiscal year through March 2023, using a vehicle developed by a German startup to carry daily necessities and medicines to Japan's remote islands and mountainous regions, Nikkei has learned. (Nikkei)
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'Please drink' treated Fukushima water: China asks Japan's minister

newsonjapan.com - Thu, 04/15/2021 - 07:12
China on Wednesday asked Japanese Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso to drink treated radioactive water accumulated at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, after he said it is safe to drink it. (Kyodo)
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Tokyo: Pair accused of raping, robbing woman in apartment

newsonjapan.com - Thu, 04/15/2021 - 07:08
Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested two men over the alleged rape and robbery of a female acquaintance in Yamato City, Kanagawa Prefecture last year, reports Fuji News Network (tokyoreporter.com)
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Egypt demands $900 million for Suez Canal blockage

newsonjapan.com - Thu, 04/15/2021 - 07:06
Egyptian authorities are demanding the Japanese owner of the cargo ship that blocked the Suez Canal for almost a week last month to pay about 900 million dollars in compensation. (NHK)
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